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Are you getting thoughtful, genuinely independent information as an investor? My experience is that expert, disinterested analysis at a reasonable price is still a rare commodity in financial markets. The Investment Reader aims to fill a gap for committed investors willing and able to make their own decisions. Subscribers to The Investment Reader are offered a range of comments, research notes, links and interviews with leading professional investors, culled from the many sources that I have come to know and value over more than 35 years of following the financial markets as a writer and professional investor.

A weekly email and daily updates on the website

I conceived The Investment Reader as part newsletter, part network and part information resource. The content includes regular market comments, Q and As with top professional investors and links to articles by expert contributors whose work I admire. I also report on real and model portfolios and track the fund and stock data I monitor on a regular basis. All this content is updated regularly on the website, with a weekly email summarizing the latest content. For more information see the Why Subscribe? and Sample Content pages.

Subscribing to The Investment Reader could not be easier

Simply follow the Subscribe Now link at the top of the page and you will be directed through the signup process. There are two payment options – monthly and annual, plus the chance to take a free one-month trial. Before subscribing you will be asked to read some investment warnings and disclose your status as an investor, which is necessary for regulatory reasons. You can always cancel your subscription at any time should you decide that this is not for you. I offer discounted subscriptions to individual investors who cannot justify the full professional subscription price. Just email me and ask.

As a BONUS: Meet John Kay, Mark Slater, Terry Smith, David Fuller and others face to face

In addition to regular comments and updates about the financial markets, I also organise a series of private seminars at which subscribers can hear directly from the best and most experienced professional investors of my acquaintance. To find out more follow the seminars link at the top of this page. Subscribers to The Investment Reader receive discounted tickets to these popular events. although by invitation you can also pay on an event-by-event basis. You would be welcome to join me and my guest speakers debate the current topics that (rightly or, quite often, wrongly) are weighing on the markets.


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