Heading down a gold mine in Uruguay February 2017

I have been analysing and writing about financial markets for more than 30 years, initially as a business journalist on The Times, The Economist and The Independent, more recently as an independent investment professional and author/columnist. My main interests are in “big picture” investment issues – asset allocation, strategy and fund selection – but I also invest in private and listed equities where I see exceptional opportunities. I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, with a Level 6 qualification in private client investment management.

My professional employment includes a number of advisory roles and non-executive directorships, including Saunderson House, a London private client advisory firm, where I am a senior adviser on investment strategy and research, Genagro Services Ltd, founders of and advisers to the Brazilian farmland company Agrifirma Brazil, and Jupiter Primadona Growth Trust, an investment trust listed in London. For three years, from February 2008 until January 2010, I was an independent non-executive director of Hargreaves Lansdown plc, the UK’s leading fund and stockbroking firm.

My newspaper columns have appeared in several publications, including The Independent (weekly, 1995 to 2007), the Financial Times (2008 to 2015) and the Evening Standard. I have also contributed regularly to The Spectator since 2010 and was the first founding City Editor of The Week. I have written three books on investment and one on the game of bridge. My most recent books are Templeton’s Way With Money, co-authored with Dr Sandy Nairn, the CEO of Edinburgh Partners (John Wiley 2012), and The Investment Trusts Handbook (Harriman House 2018).

My two other professional interests in life are books and the game of bridge. As well as writing books about investment myself, I have also commissioned and co-published a number of other titles by leading professional experts. I now teach bridge in Oxford as a sideline to my main professional career and am working on a new edition of an illustrated guide to the game, Learn Bridge In A Weekend, that I first wrote back in the 1990s.

Personal Qualifications

MA in History, Cambridge University

MSc in Management, MIT, Sloan School of Management

MCSI; Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment

Professional Affiliations

Founder, Independent Investor

Senior Adviser, Saunderson House

Director, Genagro Services Ltd

Director, Jupiter Primadona Growth Trust

Founder, Andrew Robson Bridge in Oxford

Published Books


Templeton’s Way With Money

The story of Sir John Templeton’s career and investment methods, including previously unpublished letters to clients.




Money Makers 2011Money Makers

A study of successful UK professional investors




23867Investing With Anthony Bolton

Analysis and perspective on the career of the UK’s most successful fund manager of the postwar period.



The Investment Trusts Handbook

The “Wisden of the investment trust business”, with more than 25 articles by leading figures in the investment business and more than 300 pages of data, analysis and commentary. The second 2019 edition has just been published. Includes 50-page section on how to analyse the performance of an investment trust.

Professional Investor Rules

An anthology of professional tips on how to succeed as an investor, for which I wrote the introduction.  

Jonathan Davis