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Investment Reader is aimed at both professional and private investors. The objective is to provide insights and ideas of value to experienced investors in a readable but authoritative format. The target audience will know that the most important decisions in investment are those to do with asset allocation and risk management, but picking and discussing the merits of individual stocks also has a place in the investor’s armoury.

What’s on offer

The core content of Investment Reader is:

  • Regular Q and As with leading professional and private investors;
  • Market and portfolio commentary by the Editor;
  • Topics and charts of the week;
  • Guest columns by experienced market participants;
  • Good reads – links to recommended books and media articles

You can see some samples of the material we produce by following the navigation on this site.

A variety of delivery options

Subscribers can choose to read the material we publish as and when they choose. The website is updated on a regular basis. Everything that has been written is archived on the website. A summary of  any new content is emailed to subscribers once a week. You can visit the site at any time to see the latest additions and search past posts. Short content summaries are also posted to my website ( and blog (

What it is not

Investment Reader is not a tipsheet, nor is it a professional investment advisory service. It does not claim to be comprehensive, nor do I lay any claim to omniscience (as the writers of many investment newsletters appear to do). As a matter of policy, although I hold a high level professional investment qualification in private client investment management and a chartered member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (MCSI), The Investment Reader does not seek, nor is it authorised, to give individual investment advice. The regular Q and As provide a snapshot of a number of leading market participants’ current thinking, designed to be a useful input into readers’ decision-making.

Investor panel

I canvas the opinions of professional investors views in two ways – informally over the phone and in face-to-face meetings, and more formally in the form of short, regular Q and As for publication in Investment Reader. Those I canvas include many well known fund managers and investment strategists. In all there are about some 40 professional investors whose views I monitor on a regular basis. All the professionals featured are known to me  and in several cases manage funds in which I invest myself (these details are disclosed on a regular basis). From time to time I also speak to successful private investors too.

Fund manager participants include Anthony Bolton of Fidelity, Derek Stuart and William Littlewood of Artemis, Sandy Nairn of Edinburgh Partners, Mark Dampier of Hargreaves Lansdown, Richard Buxton of Schroders (soon to move to Old Mutual), small cap specialist Giles Hargreave, John Chatfeild-Roberts of Jupiter Asset Management, Angus Tulloch of First State Investments, Jonathan Ruffer of Ruffer LLP and Richard Oldfield of Oldfield Partners. Independent strateegists I talk to includeAndrew Smithers of Smithers & Co, Martin Barnes, Chief Economist of Bank Credit Analyst, David Fuller of Fullermoney and the economist Peter Warburton. Overseas professionals whose views I monitor on a regular basis include Jeremy Grantham of GMO, Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments, Don Coxe at BMO, Gus Sauter and Jack Bogle at Vanguard, and globetrotter Jim Rogers.

What it costs

Registering for the editor’s summary email is free (as is my blog). The newsletter itself is available in electronic format only. The current introductory rate for a first year subscription is £250, or £24 per month. Subscribers qualify for discounts of up to 50% on tickets to our regular investment seminars and conferences. No use is made of subscribers’ personal details for any other commercial purpose.

I very much hope that you will give Investment Reader a trial and appreciate what you find there.

Jonathan Davis

May 2017